The pun in the title refers to, other than Cardon Webb working on book covers for Oliver Sacks, sacks of talent the man has. This particular idea of the in-house designer for Vintage Books was initially mothballed, only to later be put back for discussion and eventually realized. We can see that the reason for delaying this project might have been the unusual way books come together, to form a whole. They would not fully shine on a shelf, but even individually each is a little masterpiece of modern design. If we were owners of all six books we’d have one out in a visible place and, when asked about it, would not hesitate to bring the other five out, just to brag a bit. Putting them permanently displayed on a wall face is a viable option as well. Design of these covers really comes alive when you understand how to the point it is on subjects of the books them selves. Then, pleased with your purchase, you put them all together and see they form a visually simple, yet quite informative whole… and you fall in love with books, information, modern design, life and everything. Perhaps we’ve overstated the whole thing for just a hair, but we don’t mind and hope you won’t either. Excellent design is only expected to follow the works of the outstanding physician, psychiatrist and author Oliver Sacks is.

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